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As organizations around the world continue to trudge through the disruption caused by the COVID-19 pandemic, cybercriminals keep coming up with even more menacing ways of dragging them down. Organizations face a growing volume and sophistication of cyber threats. With the growing cyber attacks you need the advance and better solution for your belonging and we are always here to help you get better option. 


Security Policy

We follow and allow only the best policies required for our clients.

Security Framework

To protect critical infrastructure, we follow all the state-mandated and internationally followed frameworks. 

Secure Application Development

You build application and we assist you in making them secure for you as well as for your clients.

Data Recovery

Keep your mind at ease by letting us handle your data when lost. We will recover all of your data.

Incident Response

Remediating any kind of breaches by acting promptly in any act of 

Security Training

We provide training in various fields in cyber security. Our training is vigorous and fruitful.

Penetration Testing

We provide service of Web , network and  Application Penetration Testing which helps you get proper vulnerability result of you system.

Security Compliance

Keeping up to date with the latest compliance standards and practices making sure your data is in capable hands. 

Identity Mangement

As protectors of cyber space, we are very particular about who can access your data.

Malware Analysis

We aid in the detection and mitigation of malware so you don’t have to.

Infrastructure Testing

We run a lot of integrated testing to validate your infrastructure so you don’t have to worry about any physical breach.

Data Insurance

As organizations now rely more on internet-based technology, it becomes necessary to insure what data you put out. We will protect you against any kind of data breach that comes across.

Threat Intelligence

We help you present and understand the threat that might or will happen in the future. We are thorough with our aim of keeping you secure.

Source Code Review

We examine every source code thoroughly and let our clients know if there are any improvements needed to keep them secure.

Vulnerability Assessment

We take vulnerability very seriously. We use the best and the most efficient tools to search for any vulnerability.

IOT Security

We ensure the availability, integrity, and confidentiality of your IoT devices.

Security Operation Center

We have a dedicated team of information security team responsible for monitoring and analyzing an organization’s security posture.

Intellectual Property

Let us protect your ideas by patenting, trademarkimg, industrial designs, etc. 

Data Protection

We take protection of data very seriously so you can rely on us for it.

Risk Assessment

We help organization find potential risks in their systems as well as work hand in hand to assist them in the prevention and removing process of those risk.

Mobile Security

We are equipped with the best tools to help you secure your mobile devices.

Network Security

We help you secure network you work with our pentesting and vulnerability assessing skills.   

Cloud Security

Your organization work online on cloud no worries as we will take care of your cloud base security though it’s AWS or Azure we are always ready to to help.

Cyber Crime Investigation

With increase in online crimes let your sherlock, ComExpo in investigating cyber crimes.

Digital Forensics

We are having experts that help you in identifying, preserving, analyzing, and documenting digital evidence using their digital forensics skill

Security Consulting

Take the help from the best of our team to consult about your security needs.

Security Auditing

We provide best forensic auditors to help you audit with security

Cyber Law

Not only we abide by the law but we also encourage others to do so.


We Serve a Variety of Businesses & Industries

Cyber Security is just not about computers anymore. It has now become an organization’s representative on how secure their infrastructure is.

Retail & E-Commerce

Health Care




Travel & Hospitality



Trusted by Brands Worldwide

We serve our clients with utmost diligence. Which is why, we are trusted by many organizations worldwide. Name us and they will tell you how our company acts as a saviour as well as barrier for online threats and vulnerabilities in their organizations.


Proactively Eliminate Vulnerabilities 

We aggregate a wide range of data from scanners, security and network infrastructure, various configuration databases, non-scannable assets and more. By viewing vulnerabilities simultaneously through multiple lenses, Increase vulnerability assessment accuracy, prioritize, and identify optimal remediation options, and reduce overall business risk.

What They’re Saying

Customer Testimonials

Comexpo Security Team Made our website secure and safe which real help our customers to go through our services. “Bug free website, secure and reliable services”

Mehul Patel

Director, Internauts Infotech LLP

Comexpo Security Team removed the ransomware from our systems and helped us to recover our important data “Best cyber security solution & services in market”

Mayur Sojitra

Director, Avance Techlab

Comexpo Security Team helped me to solve a cyber crime that happened with me and helped me to recover the money “Best cyber crime investigation services and solutions”

Jeet Jhaveri

CEO, VR Upchar

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